Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Specialists

Downtime for a business can be very damaging, it effects your customers experience which can be bad for business. IT disaster recovery plans are aimed at ensuring there is minimal damage to IT assets when faced with a disaster and can be rectified speedily with the end goal of completely recovering any damage.

Your business maybe affected by natural disasters, cyber-attacks or even a simple office accident – all of which have the potential to cause significant implications. We can try to pre-empt a disaster happening but it’s impossible to plan for every specific crisis, the very nature of a disaster is that they are unexpected. However, formulating a plan with risk assessments and business continuity plans will give your business the helping hand it needs if a disaster should ever strike.

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What are the benefits of having a Disaster plan?

Stay Operational

A Plan allows a business to get back on it's feet as soon as possible. Keep business flowing as usual and get your essentials up and running to ensure data is safe and customers remain happy. 

Preserve Reputation

Average downtime for a company is 18.5 hours, a plan builds confidence among your employees and customers. A plan can make the difference between being a reliable and resilient company or not.  

Mitigate Risks

Downtime is the biggest financial risk for businesses. However people can be endangered, so having a plan and your team know what to do in an emergency disaster could save lives.