Managed Antivirus

Protecting you against virus' & Malware

Managed Antivirus Support

We’re here to help you keep your data safer for longer.  
 You’re probably familiar with traditional antivirus software that you install yourself on your own personal individual devices. The difference with Managed Antivirus is that we here at AC24/7 will handle all the administration, set up, updates and management required for you to operate in a safe virus free environment.

You can be worry free and know that your network and devices are safe, leaving all the hard work to us. Helping to prevent against hackers, malware, ransomware as well as phishing and fraud. We use a range of top of the range network security and robust firewalls to help keep you safe.

Protecting you against hackers

What Our Antivirus Services cover


We ensure that malware and viruses from hackers are blocked and removed from your system.


Protect your most critical data from being stolen and sold on the Dark Web or being held ransom.

Phishing & Fraud

Protect your end-users from identity fraud or phishing attacks from hackers by providing training to your staff.